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Bill Bin Hire aims to bring you the best possible service at affordable prices. We offer services for skip bin hire Melbourne, supplying a range of skip bins of all sizes for us in construction, renovation or anything else you can think of hiring the bins for. We focus on providing a fantastic and affordable service, with the goal to make professional skip hire Melbourne available for everyone.

Waste Bin Hire Melbourne Northern Suburbs

Skip Bin Hire Melbourne

With the cost of waste removal rising, even the local tip isn’t looking like such a great option anymore. It’s getting harder and harder to find a way to remove waste from your property that’s both effective and affordable. At Bill Bin Hire you get the best waste removal service around. We do the hard work for you, delivering the skip bin, collecting it when you’re finished, and dealing with all the paperwork in between. All you have to do is fill the bin! Contact us today for the cheapest bin hire service in Melbourne and get a free quote.


Our range of bins are ranging from 2 to 12 cubic meters truck; so can take away almost any material from your concrete to your old furniture that we can take away without your hand moving.


We have various pricing for our bins; which makes us one of the cheapest bin hire companies in Melbourne. We have various sizes and types of bins available so book us today!


Contact us today and we will provide you with prompt, reliable skip hire Melbourne service. Our drivers are friendly and courteous.


About Our Bins

Our skip bins come in a variety of sizes staring from 2m3 and are strong enough to handle anything you can throw in them.

All our bins go through regular maintenance to ensure safety and stability. With brackets for use with lifting vehicles and cranes, our skip bins are perfect for use around construction sites, easily moved from one job to the next.

Our bins come with a standard hire period, after which you can extend your hire or call us in and we’ll collect your waste and take it to our processing facility. When it comes to skip bin hire Melbourne, we don’t take shortcuts.

Hire the Right Bin in Melbourne

It can be hard estimating the right size skip bin for your needs. You need to know how much waste you’re going to be creating and then how much of that is actually going to fit in a skip bin.

We often tell our customers to double check their estimates, and if they’re still not sure, to order a skip bin a size larger than what they think they need. It’s far easier and cheaper to order a larger bin than it is to order a second bin later.

We deal with all kinds of waste, including concrete, metal, furniture, greenwaste, dirt and more.

The only things we can’t process are hazardous materials like bio-waste, liquid and asbestos and electronic waste. For a full list of you can and can’t dispose of in a skip bin, click here.


Permits for Skip Hire Melbourne

If you’re planning on placing your hired skip bin on public land, such as a road, footpath or nature strip, it’s essential that you check whether or not you need a permit.

Most councils require you to have a permit for skip bins on public property. At Bill Bin Hire, we can take care of all this for you.

Simply let us know where you’re planning on using the bin when you book your hire and we’ll organise a permit for you from your local council.

If you’re looking for skip bin hire Melbourne, Bill Bin Hire can help you out. We service all across Melbourne, including inner and outer suburbs.

To hire a bin, simply go to our Booking System and we’ll get right back to you.

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